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The Nature of Japan’s Colonial Aggression as Reflected in Bank Notes
A Grandmother’s Handmade Mumyeongbe (Cotton Yarn)
Yogan: A Living Necessity
Memories: Sokbaji (Inner Trousers for the Hanbok)
Kyōwakai Membership Card
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Tokyo Bombing Victim Certificate
Handmade Taegukgi(The Flag of Korea)
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The Hanshin Education Struggle
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List of Brown Atoll “Honorable Suicides” & Free Korean Press
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List of Members in the Association for Zainichi Korean Disabled Veterans of the Former Japanese Imperial Army
Choi Seung-hee and Sohn Kee-chung
Propaganda film You and Me
The Joy-Bearing Kkot-Kama (Traditional Korean Marriage Bridal Sedan Chair)
Korean Tigers Taken to Japan

The Hanshin Education Struggle

Protesting against the government order to close Korean ethnic schools (January 1948), 15,000 people including students, teachers, and parents assembled in a Kobe park near the Hyogo prefectural office. Hundreds of people from this group rushed into the prefectural office and made the governor and officials revoke the order (April 24, 1948). Under orders from General Douglas MacArthur of GHQ, the US military commander of the Kobe area issued a state of emergency.

Robert Eichelberger, Commander General of the Eighth Army, declared that the protest movement was “rioting” and moved to suppress the protest by military force. Around 1,700 people were arrested and 136 were put on military trial.

Koreans in sit-in protest inside
the Hyogo prefectural office (April 1948)


Postcards by students addressed to Douglas MacArthur and
Robert Eichelberger, calling for the release of their arrested
teachers (National Archives and Records Administrarion,