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Exhibit descriptions
The Nature of Japan’s Colonial Aggression as Reflected in Bank Notes
A Grandmother’s Handmade Mumyeongbe (Cotton Yarn)
Yogan: A Living Necessity
Memories: Sokbaji (Inner Trousers for the Hanbok)
Kyōwakai Membership Card
Report Card with Korean Name Erased
Tokyo Bombing Victim Certificate
Handmade Taegukgi(The Flag of Korea)
Korean Registration Certificate Issued by Osaka Prefecture
Discrimination and Antiforeignism in a Crime Prevention Poster
Kenkoku Gakkō of 60 Years Ago
The Hanshin Education Struggle
Zainichi Koreans and the Pachinko Industry
Bataya Slum Areas in the 1960s
Mun-sun Kim’s Petition Written in Blood
List of Brown Atoll “Honorable Suicides” & Free Korean Press
Towel Used in a Prison for War Criminals
List of Members in the Association for Zainichi Korean Disabled Veterans of the Former Japanese Imperial Army
Choi Seung-hee and Sohn Kee-chung
Propaganda film You and Me
The Joy-Bearing Kkot-Kama (Traditional Korean Marriage Bridal Sedan Chair)
Korean Tigers Taken to Japan

Kenkoku Gakkō of 60 Years Ago

Photos from the early days of Hakutō Gakuin Kenkoku Gakkō (Educational Foundation Baekdu Hagwon Keonguk) in Osaka. The origins of this school date back to 1946, when the Baekdu Association established the Keonguk Industrial School and Keonguk Higher Girls’ School.

In 2005, 15 monochrome films containing valuable records of this school’s early days were found in the office of its alumni association. We can see the jubilant expressions of the students in the days following liberation. The films were included in the material donated by the family of the late Byong-so Park (朴炳昭, 10th cohort), who died in July 2005. The alumni association edited and screened the films during its 60th anniversary event in May 2006. A DVD containing the films and footage from the event was subsequently produced.