Family Portraits Family Portraits
  • Heon-haeng Pak’s family
    (Hyogo Prefecture, 1920s)

  • Myung-bok An’s family
    (Sakhalin, 1944)

  • Jae-hyeon Ryang’s family
    (Akan Coal Mine in Hokkaido, 1938)

  • Hae-gun choi’s family
    (Shizuoka Prefecture, 1939)

  • Duk-soo Oh (in the front middle)’s family
    with the family of his father’s friend (Akita, 1940s).
    Oh produced the documentary film Zainichi (1997)

  • Bok-duk Oh’s family
    (Kyoto, 1944)

  • Si-jong Oh’s family
    (Osaka, 1946)

  • Gum-ja Lee’s family
    (Tokyo, 1948)

  • Gyun-sam Shin’s family
    (Akita Prefecture, 1950s)

  • Mae-ja Hyun’s family
    (Osaka, 1950)

  • Booni Shin’s family
    (Kyoto, C.1951)

  • Dae-geol Lee’s family
    (Aomori Prefecture, 1953)

  • Yong-woong Byeon (front)’s family,
    which currently runs a famous Morioka reimen
    restaurant called Pyompyonsha in Tokyo and
    Morioka (Iwate Prefecture, 1950s)

  • Mun-hee Kwon’s family
    (Mie Prefecture, 1956)

  • Ryung-young Seok’s family
    (Fukuoka Prefecture, 1960s)

  • Il-hwa Kim’s family
    (Tokyo, 1960s)

  • Jin-il Jeong’s family
    (Tokyo, 1962)

  • Sang-ja Nam’s family
    (Tochigi Prefecture, 1967)

  • Soon-ja Jang’s family
    (Hyogo Prefecture, C.1967)

  • Sooni An’s family
    (Chiba Prefecture, 1971)